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How can we help built your Online Business?


1. Choose the platform that best meets your E-Commerce Needs

Choose from one of the many popular E-Commerce Platform to sell your products and services. 

Our team specializes in Joomla-Virtuemart, Magento, Shopify, ZenCart and a number of other commercial solutions. 

The benefits of going these solutions:

  - Quick solution development
  - Easy to use interface
  - Tried and test selling methodologies
  - Integration with a lot of other applications using CRMs and marketing tools

2. Develop a solid customer base and user engagement model

Increasing customer engagement for any E-commerce store is an ongoing challenge. We aim to build a strong customer community for our client's stores by 

  - Developing strong customer engagement model 
  - Social Media Engagement & Tracking
  - Monitoring user interaction with with the website content
  - Re-targeting & Re-marketing
  - Automation of marketing tasks
  - Reporting & Analytics

3. Analytics & Reporting

Analysis of user engagement and traffic data to the website provides great insights into user behaviour and help engage and re-engage customer through targeted marketing. 

Analytics Data helps our customers to understand:

  1. Traffic Trends
  2. Effectiveness of Digital Campaigns
  3. Most sold products and popular content on the website
  4. Drop-offs in the sales funnel
  5. Customer profile and spending behaviour

Equipped with this essential information we engage current and future customers more effectively. 

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